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October 14, 2013
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LS: Virtue Angel of Humility - Eliora by Shikafy LS: Virtue Angel of Humility - Eliora by Shikafy
[Name] Eliora
[Age]  ???
[Gender] Female
[Virtue]  Humility, humbleness, modesty and selflessness.
[Kingdom] Kingdom of Humility
[Weight] 121 lbs / 54.8kg
[Height] 5’8” / 172.72cm

+ Modest and selfless, like her virtue describes, she puts others’ safety ahead of her own.  Generally calm and dutiful, she has a powerful personality that stands up for what her kingdom believes in and does not falter if she makes a promise to protect others. She relinquishes any fears or uncertainties in order to fully perform any task to her utmost ability; therefore, she will usually fight with complete confidence and courage, putting her life on the line to stop demons that may impede her goal.

+ She will always try to take on all the work herself, never asking for help from other angels, even for the smallest of tasks. She quickly exhausts her energy, resulting in a usual fatigued state. She sleeps more often than other angels, but when awake, will use 200% of her energy to making up for the time she slept.

+On the downside, she can be impulsive because she will do whatever she can do fulfill a promise, even if it’s not the best course of action. She may almost seem distant because of her weariness and independency, though in reality, she is usually closer than you may think. She likes to watch over others (with her invisibility) constantly, on watch for souls that may be redeemed or even just to make sure people are being safe.

+ Here

[Battle Prowess]
+ Being a Virtue, she has higher speed, agility, flight and teleportation than regular angels. When fighting, she will always take it seriously in hopes of defeating her opponents, dead or alive.
+ She is merciless against her arch-nemesis, but will show mercy against lesser demons in hopes of salvation for their souls.
- Even when fighting, her duty to protect others overrides to where she may try to prevent others' injuries over her own.
- She cannot last too long in battles since she does not think about conserving energy. (Or just forgets. :iconmingtearsplz:)

Full Template:

+  Peaceful times
+ Jello
+ New human inventions (Those humans. Always up to something :iconohyouplz:)

- Lord Pride
- Liars
- Breaking promises


[Additional Information]
+ She is actually fairly unorganized due to her never finding time for herself to clean up
+ She doesn’t know how to take a compliment
+ She doesn’t know why she became the Virtue of Humility, or how, but will do her duties because she was told to.
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ElenaMegan Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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:iconbabiesplz: I'm not cute...and neither is Eliora AHAHAH xD
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